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Quintin Kaemmerling

Quintin Kaemmerling

Hello! My name is Quintin, and I’m passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences one guest at a time.  I’ve been in and around hospitality for the past 20 years. I graduated with honors from the School of Culinary Arts’ Northwest Food and Wine Program in Seattle.  Part of that education was successfully completing the Five Star-Five Diamond employee training and culinary externship at THE BROADMOOR Hotel in Colorado Springs.  

Opportunities along the way have included cooking at The Masters at Augusta National, pouring wine for a ladies monthly wine club, cooking for billionaires, mixing cocktails during a ZZ Top concert, designing/serving signature mocktails for a company’s trade show, pulling taps for 50 different beers and ciders during Texas /OU weekend, creating fun and educational wine tastings, performing interactive chef demonstrations.  

While each event is unique, celebration is the common theme; this is why I truly love my craft. Enjoy the most of your celebration with your guests and leave the rest to a hospitality professional.  Here’s to pouring your perfect drink. Cheers!

Hendrick Solorzano

Hendrick Solorzano

My Name is Hendrick Solorzano and I want to make a review in my profession which are these:

A bartender is a professional who works at a bar counter making cocktails and serving drinks. The bartender's job is not just about serving drinks, his job is also to serve customers as best as possible, for this reason, he sometimes performs shows.

My skills in this job are these:

  • Full control of utensils and work resources: To accomplish this, you must review the product inventory daily. This way, you will know if you have everything you need to open the bar and prepare your drinks.
  • You must use both hands: If you want to be a skilled bartender, it is advisable to use both hands at the same time when working on your drinks.
  • Make several drinks at the same time: By placing the glasses in line and depositing ice in them, you will speed up the preparation process. Then, you can start with the drinks that are more difficult, leaving for the end those that are more complex.
  • Do not fill the glasses to the brim of the glass.
  • Learn how to manage money.
  • Have full control of your surroundings to avoid accidents.
  • Keep your work area clean and tidy.
  • And my skills in terms of my successes are as follows:
  • something obvious, but very important. You should never mistreat clients, above all else, you must respect them.
  • The client's name should be used only if he authorizes it.
  • Their tastes must be respected.
  • Do not envy your belongings, well-being or position.
  • Charge him fair, that is, only the drinks he drank.
  • Respect your loving whims.
  • Take care not to drink too much.
  • You should never speak ill of a customer, regardless of whether he is present or not.

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